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How Does Child Support Work in Kentucky?

The Basics of Child Support in Kentucky

The purpose of Child Support is so each child may continue to receive the financial benefits as though their parents did not divorce.  

Do I Have to Pay Child Support

You will be able to discuss this issue with your Jackson Family Law attorney.  The Child Support obligation will be based upon the gross incomes of each parent and may be impacted by the parenting schedules.  

Kentucky Child Support Guidelines

When determining the amount of child support that is required in the state of Kentucky, the following factors are considered:

  • Combined Monthly Adjusted Parental Gross Income.
  • Number of children under the age of 18 and not graduated from high school.  
  • Whether either parent has an existing child support obligation.
  • Whether a parent has been ordered to pay spousal maintenance (alimony) to the other parent.
  • Work-Related Childcare Expenses (although this may be ordered to be paid directly by each parent to the childcare provider).
  • Health insurance premium expense for the children.

Official State of Kentucky Child Support Guidelines

How is Child Support Calculated in Kentucky

Child support is based upon Kentucky’s Child Support Guidelines.  There is an online calculator that you can use as a guide to determine an estimate of what your child support obligation could be.   You can find that calculator here:

State of Kentucky Interactive Child Support Calculator

Expenses Not Covered as Child Support

There are certain expenses that are not covered by Child Support.  A few of these additional expenses are as follows:  

  • Extra-Curricular Activity Expenses. 
  • Uninsured Medical Expenses.
  • Private School Tuition, 

Consult with a family lawyer to achieve the best resolution for you.  

Jackson Family Law brings 24 years of family law experience in navigating child support issues for Northern Kentucky families.  


Serving the residents of Kenton County, Campbell County and Boone County, the law office of Jackson Family Law is ready to help you with your family law issues.  At Jackson Family Law you won’t get lost in the shuffle. Our service oriented staff is highly organized and highly responsive, promptly responding to client communications.   

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