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Divorce is not a "one size fits all" process. Click here to learn about how we can tailor a solution to your unique situation.

Child Custody & Support

Determining the right approach for your family and your children's future.

Property Division

Our broad expertise includes family business, rental property, trusts, tax complexities & digital assets.

Financially Complex Divorces

High Income Earners, Trusts, Tax Complexities, Executive Compensation, we've seen it all.

Divorce Mediation

Our divorce mediation services can help you to reach agreement faster and confidentially.

Divorce In The Digital Age

Digital Assets, Intellectual Property, Digital Wallets and Digital Meetings. We are well versed in navigating these newer and sometimes confusing areas.

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About Jackson Family Law

Jackson Family Law has been providing divorce and family law services to the families of Northern Kentucky for the last 24 years.   In that time, we have helped families of all types across the socio-economic spectrum build new futures and reduce conflict.  Leaders in the field, with Jackson you won’t find a win at all costs mentality, rather a win now and in the future mindset.  Experience, Attention to Detail, Vision.  Jackson Family Law is here to serve the residents of Boone County,  Kenton County & Campbell County.

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