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How To Select A Divorce Attorney

5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

Making the decision to get divorced is never easy and each divorce brings with it unique personalities and circumstances.  Regardless of these circumstances there are five important qualities to consider when choosing the right divorce lawyer. 

Quality One – Trust.  

First, you should feel comfortable with your divorce lawyer on a personal and emotional basis.  Why is this important? A good divorce attorney will give you the attention that you need and will be genuine with you.   An overloaded or distracted attorney will not be able to provide you the attention that you deserve as you go through this life change.  

Quality Two – Respect.  

Find a lawyer who you trust and who demonstrates that they respect your time and money.  A good lawyer will demonstrate that they are respectful of your time by being efficient on spending time together.  The attorney should make sure the time spent together is productive. Nobody budgets for divorce and it’s understood that it’s expensive.  

In communications with you, a lawyer should talk respectfully and in a collaborative manner.  A good lawyer will show you respect for your time by not taking phone calls or reviewing email messages when  meeting with you.

Quality Three – Experienced practicing Family Law.  

When looking for an attorney or law firm to represent you, make sure their practice focuses on Family Law.   Family law attorneys focus on the practice area of divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and property division.  When you hire an attorney with a focus on family law, you are ensuring that you have an attorney that won’t be unprepared for or surprised by situations or complexities that arise with your divorce case.  You should not have to explain various financial assets to your attorney.

Quality Four – Find an attorney that is local.  

The divorce process can require face to face meetings and trips to court.  It also requires a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in the state where your divorce is occuring.  Hiring a lawyer who is local will also reduce both your travel time and that of your lawyer. This will be more convenient for you but also more cost effective.  You should also locate an attorney that has the ability to work on your case during times that social distancing is necessary or you are in need of internet conferencing with your attorney.   

A local attorney will be better able to refer you to additional services or resources that you may need.  Additional services and resources might include professionals such as mediators, family counselors, therapists and tax accountants.

Quality Five – Find an attorney with experience in the issues of your case.   

Property Division.  At a minimum, every case will involve some sort of property division.  However, property division can quickly get complicated in cases  where there are executive compensation packages, business ownership, rental properties, and intellectual property.  Having a lawyer experienced and knowledgeable in property division and tax law will help you get qualified advice related to these matters.  

Children.  If you have children,  it is important to have a lawyer working on your case who understands both the legal and interpersonal dynamics that a divorce brings.  A good divorce attorney will be skilled in dealing with issues of custody and support, but also be focused on providing a solution in the best interests for your family for the long term.  Parents of special needs children have an additional set of considerations with governmental assistance and its financial implications.  

Other Dynamics.  There are many other situations that introduce dynamics that may be unique to your divorce.  When interviewing a lawyer, ask them about their experience with these issues. Situations like military divorces, prenuptial agreements and spouses who are dealing with issues such as substance abuse or personality disorders all bring unique challenges and you will want a divorce lawyer who is experienced in dealing with these issues.


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