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Divorce in The digital Age

Divorce In The Digital Age

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Dividing your property is always difficult.  The introduction of digital assets can add to the challenge.  

With today’s cloud services there are a variety of intangible assets that only exist in a digital format.  

It’s not unusual to have shared email and social media accounts, websites, airline mileage rewards, domain names, music, photo libraries, blogs, and video libraries. 

At Jackson Family Law, we are experienced in navigating through these areas and helping you to achieve resolution.  Read more below to learn how or call us today to begin the process.


When its time to Divide your digital assets, we have the knowledge and experience needed to identify and Properly Value these assets.

– Jackson Family Law


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Still have questions?  We have created a Family Law Learning Center dedicated to answer your questions about divorce and family law in Kentucky.  If you have more questions or are ready to engage a lawyer, call Jackson Family Law to schedule a consultation.