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ART & Gestational Surrogacy

How We

As you manage through the challenges you are facing in growing your family, it’s important that you are taking the right legal steps and planning  to help you ensure the long term stability of the family you are creating. 

Our experiences working with families who are utilizing Assisted Reproductive Technologies or Surrogacy to add to their family will help you to realize your dreams.  

The best assisted Reproductive or Gestational Surrogacy Agreements, secure and protect your rights from the beginning.

– Jackson Family Law

helping you Understand

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

understanding the laws

Traditional ideas of a family have changed and continued to evolve.  Science is often further advanced than our laws.  When this occurs, it is the attorney that looks to the language of the laws to apply the meaning of those laws to a family’s situation.

Have a knowledgeable Attorney

It is important that your attorney is knowledgeable and licensed in the state you are seeking assistance, whether this is with your gestational surrogacy agreement, discussions with your fertility clinic, parentage judgement, to name a few.  

an evolving area of law

ART continues to be an evolving area of law.  Legislation has not been enacted in many states.  Kentucky is one of those states.  The future issues are vast when considering pursuing preserving of embryos, entering into a gestational surrogacy agreement, embarking with In Vitro Fertilization and other areas of assisted reproduction. 


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Still have questions?  We have created a Family Law Learning Center dedicated to answer your questions about divorce and family law in Kentucky.  If you have more questions or are ready to engage a lawyer, call Jackson Family Law to schedule a consultation.